Saturday, March 25, 2023

Some Thoughts

File this under' Am I dumb to just now notice this or what?'

Remember hub caps? 

As you're driving around look at the tire rims of cars, suvs, jeeps and pickups. Check them at a red light or in the parking lot of your supermarket. They have these kinda spoke like rims and here's the catch many have a variation of that theme but theme it is. Most of them have the same kinds of rims which begs questions. 

First why are they all pretty much the same? 

And second who decided that was the way to go? And what made everybody follow suit?

Plus what is the company that benefits from all this?

You check and see if I'm crazy.

How come teenage girl students call each other 'bro? Last I checked 'bro was what you called your 'bro.

Kids also think we were never young once. Like they invented staying out late, fake IDs and hooking school. I'll say this, I did things then they would never do now.

Like hitchhiking.

They play that Jaws like music in movies if that ever comes up. And you can bet the killer is behind the wheel of that car.

Plus it's different being a parent than it is being a kid. As a kid you worry about nothing. As a parent you worry about everything. My Dad used to say he'd jump in front of a train for his kids and I was like riiiight.

I'd jump in front of a train for my kids.

One thing I had to get used to in the South was praying before public meals. Now, I was raised Catholic and we prayed before every dinner,"Thank you Lord for these Thy Gifts..."

Just not in public.

Had to get used to it.

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