Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Some You May Know Some You May Not

I've liked this for a long time. Dan Hartman's I Can Dream About You. A bit of history...Dan was in The Edgar Winter Group. Remember Frankenstein? He wrote and recorded Free Ride for them and co-wrote Living in America for Mister James Brown but this is the song that drew me in. And get this. I liked the song but loved the video. And he's not even in it.  I Can Dream About You was in the movie Streets of Fire (I didn't see it I'll bet you didn't either) and the group that performs it is red hot. BTW the middle guy in the background singers? A young Bubba from Forrest Gump.

Check it out.

This is a sweet piece of pie, a sweet  piece of pop. Mandy Moore is known more now for her acting than her singing but that wasn't always the case. Mandy was in Princess Diaries and you can see her currently on This Is Us. When she was 15 she released this song and I've been singing along ever since. Just for fun listen to her background singing in the first verse.

Mandy Moore. Candy.

Next up we go further back to 1965. This song was all over the radio. If you weren't around in it's heyday Motown to you is songs that you hear a lot on oldies stations. If you were there then it was this never ending sound of magic. 

The Supremes were the shizznit and copies of them were all over the place. Martha Reeves and the Vandellas and The Shirelles to name just two. And this group.

The Toys and Lovers Concerto.

You may have heard this maybe not. His name is Grayson Hugh and the song is Talk It Over. I've loved this song forever. When I first heard it I perked up. I don't have much more to say other than it's great. Oh yeah the video for this is boombang.

But you be the judge.

And those are a few old songs that I like.

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