Tuesday, March 15, 2022

My Son Miles

I have a son named Miles, you know that. He's a senior in high school, is 18, and drives himself to school. And to work.
It's great when the dinner check comes and your kid says, "I'll get that."

I also have a dog who answers to the name of Lola. She gets asked the same question all the time, "Who's a good girl?"

Now here's where we take a bit of a turn and why it's so great being a dad. One day I'm sitting at the kitchen table playing the who's a good girl game with Lola when Miles said something I'd never heard before. "We call them dogs," he said kissing Lola. "That's a human term. I wonder what they call themselves. If anything."

You know how you cock your head when you have a thought you never had before? And you make a sound that goes up at the end?

It had me go to a place I hadn't been before and my son led me there. How cool is that?

Do elephants call themselves elephants? Do cows call themselves cows?  Do snakes call themselves snakes? It goes on and on and...I wonder what they call us?

Things your son made you think about.

Miles and I do things that only he and I do. Like go see the latest Batman movie. I get the tickets he gets the snacks we get father son time. Oh the movies we have seen...A Quiet Place, Iron Man, The Joker, The Batman Trilogy, the one with Christian Bale and Star Wars. Star Wars? Do you know how surreal it is to talk about Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker and C3PO with your kid? 

It came out in 1977!

Needless to say we've seen all the Star Wars movies since.

Never forget he is a twin. For people who don't have twins they think they're exactly alike. For those that have them they know they're not.

Miles and Griffin grew into Griffin and Miles.
Couldn't love them more.

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