Friday, May 7, 2021

I Remember When

I remember when you had to have a camera, an actual camera, to take a picture.

Selfie wasn't even a word back then. It is now. In that same vein I used to memorize phone numbers because you kinda had to. Ask someone now if they know your number. I bet they don't. Now, if you lose your phone you also have lost all your numbers.

I remember when there wasn't a girl I couldn't beat in basketball. Now? They won't even take their high heels off as they're beating your butt. The center of my high school basketball team was 6'5" and we thought that was tall. Nowadays there are guards that are taller. Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, back when he was Lew Alcindor, was the first seven footer I saw who could actually play. Back then tall guys were just tall. 

Now they shoot threes.

I remember when gas was thirty cents a gallon. My Father saw me wrestle once, I pinned the guy, and Dad ran down to the mat and gave me five dollars. That doesn't sound like much now but back then I could put gas in the car and take my girl to Mickey Dees for a Big Mac. They were all of sixty cents then. Cigarettes were also 30 cents. A pack. These days a pack will set you back ten bucks or so. And everyone smoked back then. 

If you need an incentive to quit price is a good one.

I remember when rock and roll was rock and roll before it became classic rock. If you want to feel old that's the ticket. Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Stones, the Who, Journey, U2, AC/DC, it seems like you were swimming in a pool of rock bands. 

Look around now, not so much.

I remember before there was rap. Younger people today gasp like you're speaking to them in another language when you mention that. When it first came on the scene they had different genres back then. Funny rap, dance rap, inspirational rap, and more. Lots more. Turn on the radio now and it's pretty much all the same thing. Next time you're at a red light listen to what is blasting out of the car next to you. 

You'll see.

I remember when movie stars didn't make commercials. Turn on the tv now and they are all over the place hawking things like they were always doing it. And you'd never see them in a tv series or on a movie of the week. Sounds quaint now doesn't it?

And speaking of quaint.

I remember when you couldn't tell which way a newsman was leaning. I was taught at CBS News to hold your cards close to your vest, ask hard questions to the left as well as to the right; and the viewer shouldn't know which way you leaned. If you're looking for a newsman or a news channel that agrees with everything you do they're out there.

Yep, quaint is a good word.

I remember when candy for us was a 'hope it's chocolate.' Snickers, Milky Way, bunnies in Easter baskets that were solid not hollow. There were SweetTarts but that was pretty much it for tangy candy. Nowadays things like Sour Patch Kids and Starburst are everywhere. Don't get me wrong chocolate still rules the day but there's a lot more tangy competition.

And while we're at it Reese's Cups should be outlawed.

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