Monday, January 13, 2020

Random Thoughts

For my money the best sax solo in a rock and roll song  is the one in Urgent by Foreigner.

It's done by the legendary Junior Walker. You remember him-What Does It Take To Win Your Love For Me? A great song that Junior Walker and The All Stars gave us. Love when he says in that song, "Gonna blow for you," and does just that. Back to Urgent, listen to Junior blow for you.

One of the great ones.

New Years Day was the first Wednesday of the decade. Just saying.

I love my Dad very much. He's now 90, lives in a retirement home in Maryland and I speak to him every day. Here's the thing-he suffers from a mild case of Alzheimers and I repeat myself. We're a match made in heaven. I can tell him stuff I told him yesterday and he's always like, "Really?"

A match made in heaven I tell ya.

How come food that's bad for you is cheaper than food that's good for you? I'm talking chips and candy and cookies and more. Don't think so? Go to your local 7-11 you'll see.

I always say, “Life is funny and I don't mean ha-ha.” Example...If you had told me years ago I'd be living in Florida I would have said no way. Way. I've lived here 15 years. Another example...If you had told me years ago that I'd have twins I would have said no way. Way. Hello Miles and Griffin.

You also find yourself in situations and you wonder, "How'd I get here?"

The next time you're up to your waist in you know what and you don't know how you got there? Remember Life is funny and I don't mean ha-ha.

You know I substitute teach, I have two wonderful memories.

One day I'm at a high school subbing for a mechanics class. The room is full of guys who either have a Ford-150 pickup truck or are saving to get one. When you sub you're basically a babysitter so there I am, babysitting, and one of the kids has a speaker about the size of a beer can and he's playing songs off his iPhone. He plays a few and then he plays Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver. The class starts singing along. And not just singing but eyes closed, faces pointed upward singing. I ask one student, "How do you know that song?," 'cause it came out when I was much younger.  He tells me his teacher plays it all the time. Them singing? Right out of a movie.

The second memory also involves a song. I'm subbing at another high school and I casually mention to the class that my current favorite line in a song is 'My mama don't like you and she likes everyone.' That's from a Justin Bieber song, Love Yourself. The class immediately starts singing that.

As I'm sitting there having this wash over me I think, once again, right out of a movie.

I do things together with my twins and different things with each one individually. With one I go to the movies, his choice. I see things I wouldn't normally see...A Quiet Place, Queen and Slim, The Joker. It's great sharing that experience with my son.


I do draw the line at some of his choices. He went to see It Part Two. It's a scary movie about a clown with big teeth who does horrible things. I wouldn't go. I told him that when you get your popcorn and settle in to your seat, look around the theater.

What you won't see is me.

When my daughter, Maya, was about 4 I took her to a friend's birthday party. There was pizza and cake for the kids. After they sang Happy Birthday a clown jumped out and said, "Happy Birthday!" All the kids started crying.

Too, too funny.

Just some thoughts.

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