Saturday, January 29, 2022

Winter In Florida

I always say that if you told me I'd be living in Florida...

But I do.

This is the time of year I get to use the phrase I say maybe three or four times a year. "It sure is cold outside." It says it right on our license plates that Florida is The Sunshine State. It should say the Hot As Hell State because a lot of the time that's what it is.

But it is winter here and the happiest one about that is Lola the Dog who has a coat and can't believe how much fun now is. Man, she's 13 and to see her running around like when she was younger?

So very cool.

And I used the play on words on purpose.

Meanwhile to see people in wool hats, gloves and zipped up jackets? Different. It's so unusual and happens here so rarely that you forget how different it is to live in the land of no blizzards.

Let's talk about that blood thins thing. I disagree. I think that you don't see real cold often that when it does happen, and you're used to it being 80 degrees and up, it affects you differently. They say your blood thins. I used to live in New York and you get used to wind chills and snow. In Florida not so much.

I do say this.

If people from Buffalo came down right now, they'd be in shorts, Hawaiian shirts and flip flops. As I watch people in scarves and trench coats when it is 50 I think to myself, "You have no idea."

And they don't.

We've all heard the term snow bird and for the very few who haven't, someone who lives here in the winter to avoid the cold. All together now,"Mwah ha ha!"

So it's cold here and it's actually colder in my house than it is outside. That's because most of us have trouble finding the heat button. We use it so rarely.

Soon it will go back to being hot as heck with the air conditioning on full blast. And the cold will become a hazy memory.

But for now? 


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