Saturday, June 9, 2018

Old School

Here's a bit of sunshine.

When I was a younger and music that wasn't Ella or Frank came out a lot of moms and dads everywhere just about lost their minds. They didn't like it and they didn't care who knew.

Now it's my turn to be dissatisfied.

Music today, not all of it but a lot of it, doesn't move me like the songs did in yesteryear. Here are some old songs that still move me today.

I promised sunshine.

First up-Anita Baker.

Sweet Love is the song and it's a great one.

When I first heard it my first thought was, "Who is that?" The video was all over MTV and Anita dancing, Anita sexily dancing, got me every time. And don't get me going on all the candles. You know what else got me every time? When she sings, "You're my man, I'm your girl."

You had me at hello.

Once I was at the luggage carousel at the San Francisco airport waiting for my bag. Who do I see? Michael McDonald.  What a Fool Believes anyone? I slide up to him, we're talking, and I tell him that I think he should do a version of this song. He nods politely, our bags come and he leaves.

He still hasn't done it.

I still think he should.

Next-Sly and the Family Stone. Old song. We all know Dance to the Music how could you not?

When it comes on in my car I still turn it up.  Every.time. Here's the thing, it's not a 'song' song as we know it. It has no repeating chorus. No words of love. No hook. It's a rave up. Simple as that.

And a straight out first rate jam.

I was 14 when it first came out and it slays me to this day.

Listen to the voices...

How about Madonna? The song is Angel. The album is Like A Virgin.

I'm not a huge Madonna fan but this one has been one of my favorites forever. It came out in 1985 and has gotten under my skin ever since. Produced by the great Nile Rogers who was brought to us by the band Chic. He sure knows his stuff.

Listen to the break in the middle.

Listen to the back ground music.

Listen to the ending.

All totally hot.

Here's one I bet you didn't see coming...Set Adrift On Memory Bliss by PM Dawn.

When it comes on there's no mistaking it which is another way of saying it doesn't sound like anything else. Spandau Ballet's song True is the skeleton on which this is built. It's dreamy. It has a great beat. PM Dawn look like hippies from outer space. Who are they? Where are they from? Where did they go?

No answers. Just enjoy.

Last but not least if I were to say House of Pain, Jump Around? What would you say?

First of all, this video is busy. Pure mayhem. Second of all, the song is choice. This has been on my iPod and now my iPhone for a long, long, time. Ask rappers today about it, they know it. How many people have danced and sweat to this in the clubs?

I'm betting a lot.

One of my forever favorites.

And that's a taste of some of my Old School.

And a bit of sunshine.

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