Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Flags At Half Mast

Where I live we have flag poles at either end of our main drag.

They seem to be at half mast all the time. So much so that I have to think: why are they like that before I remember why. For those who don't know a flag is at half mast when someone dies.

We were just beginning to process Atlanta and now here comes Boulder.

Man, those flag poles get a lot of work. Am I getting numb to why it's like that? Are we getting numb? Can I ask, along with many other people, why don't we do something about this? Yeah, yeah, I've heard that they're coming to take our guns and the Second Amendment and all that.


I don't remember any uproar over seatbelts in cars. They long ago made that the law. Here the phrase is 'Click-it or ticket.' Even whisper the words gun control and stand back and watch the uproar.

People aren't saying take your guns away they're just saying to license them plus have stiffer background checks so people who shouldn't have guns don't get them.

Is that such a big deal? 

Tell people who've lost their father, their mother, their husband, their wife, their children. Losing them is a forever thing. Something you think about every day, every night, all the time, thinking about the person who is no longer here.

I see people in a dark room crying.

Imagine if it was you. Imagine if it were your daughter, your father, your mother, your son. I don't know about you but if it were me? I'd be the one in the dark room crying.

And while we're at it I'm not talking about taking away hunting rifles or guns that a person uses for protection. But a question that I and many others ask: What are you hunting with an assault rifle?

The answer is people.

In my humble opinion you shouldn't be able to do that. I feel for the people in Boulder who were just shopping for bread, for dinner, for groceries. And then everything changed likethat. 

Where I live we have flag poles at either end of our main drag. It seems they're always at half mast.

So sad. So very sad.

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