Friday, December 14, 2018

We Lost A Legend

Nancy Wilson died.

That means so much to me. It reminds me of when her singing used to fill my house when I was young. Along with Sarah Vaughn, Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, and more, she was the sound of my youth.

My father had her records playing all the time. First of all I always thought she was pretty as all get out plus I thought she could sing like an angel.

Years later she came on our show and I was beside myself.  Nancy Wilson was in the house. When she came in I fawned all over her and when I told her why she smiled a big smile.

I learned something that day and I'll pass it on to you. She told me that when she sang she put a piece of gum under her tongue to help keep her throat moist.  Who knew?

Ah, my youth. Oscar Peterson, the Duke, Satchmo. When I was real young we would go visit my mother's mother, Nana to me, in St. Albans, Queens. I tell you that because every summer Count Basie, a neighbor, used to open up his pool and let us kids swim in it.

And I didn't even know who he was! You better believe I know now.

I'll bet I'm the only person who has Sarah Vaughn on my IPhone next to Led Zeppelin. The song is "Broken Hearted Melody" and I can sing the whole thing. That's because of my Dad. It reminds me of him. If you listen to it also listen to the background singers. It's a trip you'll be happy you made.

Sam Moore and Dave Prater
A dear friend of mine, Bill Boggs, turned me on to a Duke Ellington/Louis Armstrong album.  On it is Satchmo singing and Duke playing and the song I love is, "It Don't Mean A Thing." Heaven. That, too, is on my IPhone.

My Mom was a bit different in that she would play her 45s when I was older. Things like "Hold On I'm Coming." That's right Sam and Dave. I've been saying, "Coming to ya on a dusty road," for like forever because of my mother. And because of her they too are all over my music list.

Back to Nancy.

When she was done singing and we had hugged and said our goodbyes she left the studio and I thought, "There goes a legend." A legend I got to tell what she meant to my father and in turn to me.

Nancy Wilson died.

We lost a great one.

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