Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Remember when movies were good and TV shows were not? Nowadays movies are shaky and there is way too much good teevee.

What's a boy to do?

That's where the phrase 'must watch tv' comes in.

I have a few shows I never miss and I thought I'd share one with you. This one is not on television, it's on the web, but close enough.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

If you're not familiar with it, this is how it works.

It came from the mind of one of the best comedians out there, Jerry Seinfeld. I can't stress enough how good, how funny, I think he is.

I like smart. I like funny. He's both.

We know Seinfeld the show but Jerry's standup, which got him that show, is superb. As far as standup comedy goes, he says, "I'm lucky to be very good at a very difficult thing."

Amen to that.

Back to Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. It's pretty much what the title says it is but it's way more than that. Jerry talks to all kinds of people...David Letterman, Kevin Hart, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Steve Martin, let's not forget Barack Obama, Chris Rock, Louis CK, Bill Mahr, Jimmy Fallon and many more.

First, talking while driving around and then over coffee.

What I like is the easy conversation that these people have and the 'behind the curtains' take the show has on comedy.  For me, every time a new episode comes out, it's like it's Christmas morning and I know Santa has brought me something good.

Okay, a couple of remembrances...

First season with Alec Baldwin. Now Alec is not a comedian but he sure is funny. The whole segment is great, I've watched it over and over and I laugh out loud every time. Seek it out, my friends, you will not be disappointed.

Season 6 with Steve Harvey. In between funny and interesting conversation, Steve says something that I think is profound. "Comedy is the one profession that is non-transferrable. Comedians can become great actors, great actors can't become comedians."

Think about that.

They also go on to say they've both spoken to a Comedy Class. Advice? Jerry said to the class, "The fact that you are here is a bad sign." Steve told his students, "None of you have what it takes. If you did there would be no need for this class."

Funny stuff.

Season 4 with Robert Klein. Jerry calls Robert his hero and Robert is as funny as they come. His first person stories on Richard Pryor, Johnny Carson, Rodney Dangerfield, Yogi Berra, Groucho Marx, are to me; like rain to the desert. I soak them up and could listen to them all the live long day.

I'll say it again. Funny stuff.

And of course the President. Season 7, episode 1.

A 1963 Corvette and Barack Obama. Very cool.

Jerry says that the Commander-in-Chief, "has gotten off just enough funny lines to qualify for this show.'"  On the show Obama says, "I do really well with the zero to eight demographic. Partly because my ears are big and I look a little like a cartoon character."

Let me know the last time you heard a president say something like that.

It was a hoot watching the President answer his own phone, seeing the stern guard at the White House gate, watching them talk and have coffee in the White House. Plus, after coffee, he drives the car.

Great segment.

Great show.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

Must See TV.

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