Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Change Of Direction

There's been so much awful in the world of late that it feels weird talking about anything else. I don't know about you but I need a bit of respite from the din of OMGs so here goes.

There's been drama at the McEwen Hacienda.

My sweet girl, Lola the Dog, was being petted by my dear mother-in-law when she felt a lump in Lola's ear. It was a hematoma and off to the vet we went. Dogs like her, she's a Goldendoodle, are known to have problems with their ears. Before we knew it, an operation was planned and Lola bravely went in.

Have you ever worried about your pet, your friend? It'll make you cry.

Lola went under and when it was done, out she came. Loopy, bandaged, with the cone of shame (ask your kids or your grandkids) and did I mention loopy?

And thus the adventure began.

Putting her pills in cheese so she would swallow them only to have her eat the cheese and spit out the pills when I did it. Walking into walls because the cone around her head was bigger than what she was used to. And the scratching. All Lola wanted to do was get all that off of her, and that's where the scratching came in.

The house was full of scratching sounds and head shaking sounds and cries of, "Lola, no!"

Quite a nightmare.

But this has a happy ending.

Lola went to the vet this morning and is now home, stitches free, bandage free, and cone free. And guess what? No more scratching.

And in the words of Martha Stewart, that's a good thing.

As we speak, Lola is on the couch in my den, sleeping upside down. One ear is shaven but that'll grow back.

Our dear friend is home.

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