Monday, January 4, 2016

Food I Like And Exercise

I've struggled with weight my entire life.

I'm not talking real heavy just too heavy. Been on more diets than I can recall. The drink lots of water diet. The grapefruit diet. The eat small meals a zillion times a day diet. The eat nothing but white foods diet. Or is it black? I forget. The doughnut and pizza diet. Just kidding.

My problem is I like to eat. It's what I eat that gets me in trouble.

I love sweets. There I said it.

Not all sweets, but we've got to talk about some of them.


Chocolate chip cookies are like catnip to me. There are cookies I can walk right by, but not them. I don't like candy per se but I'm a nut for chocolate. Milk chocolate sings to me. M & Ms, Hershey bars, and can I ask who invented Godiva?

And since we're talking candy, how about Snickers? How about Baby Ruths? And let's not forget the heavenly Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I can eat about a thousand of those at one sitting.


There's more.

I don't eat much pie but I love me some cake. Again, there are some cakes I can walk right by but there are many I can't.

Sigh, again.

I also like junk. Chips are a good example and with kids that stuff is in the house all the time.

On to food.

I love pizza and that's bad. I'm not proud to say this but at my heaviest I could eat a whole large pepperoni pie. By myself. Not good, people. I love nachos, heck I love Mexican food. Love Italian food. I don't eat Mickey Dees or Burger King or Taco Bell but every now and then Five Guys calls me.

They have my number.

Let's go down the good food I like aisle. Salmon, oatmeal, fruit, vegetables, chicken (rotisserie not fried), salad, raw nuts. There's more but I shout about things that are bad for you like a preacher and whisper about the good stuff like I'm passing along a secret.

And since we're talking about secrets I'll share one with you. Things that you ate alot of when you were younger are bad, bad, bad, for you when you get older.

What's a person to do?

Exercise is always a friend.

It burns calories and helps keep you healthy.  I know, I know, it can be a big time pain in the...but you have to do it. I exercise more now than I ever did. Tell you something. There are days you really don't feel like exercising.  That's when you get major points for doing it. Plus if you do nothing all day but you exercise? You feel like you've done something.

Look around you, there are people who are old but look pretty good. There are people not so old who don't. Genes are part of it. Smoking and excessive drinking are also part of it but exercise allows you to do some bad things and still be pretty healthy.

That's a good trade off.

Now that chocolate thing...

Off to the gym.

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