Thursday, January 3, 2019

Tired Tired Tired

 I'm tired of so many things. Up on my soapbox I go.

I'm tired of sports shows on television full of hosts who argue and yell at each other. Every angle, every tidbit, is raked over the coals.  That is par for the course and of course you're wrong if you don't agree with someone else's point of view.

Which leads me to...

I'm tired of the panels on news shows that rehash the same things over and over again. Do you see a pattern here? Since we're in the age of 24/7 cable you have to fill that hole every day and, just so you know, stuff doesn't happen every day. But, as they say, the show must go on. It's just going there with one less passenger. Me.

Let's change the subject a bit here...

I'm tired of driving and the person in front of me is going real slow because they are on their cell phone. Same thing when I'm stopped at a red light and it turns green and the car in front of me goes nowhere because the driver is on that darn cell phone again. I used to live in New York where they had no problem leaning on the horn as soon as the light changed but now that I'm in Orlando?

Southern Hospitality.

Which leads me to something else I'm tired of...

How come when cell phones drop out we're okay with that? If a car was going 60 miles per hour and then the engine turned off, well, we'd be more than outraged, we wouldn't buy that brand again. But we're fine with, "I must have lost you." We're used to calls dropping out and that's not good.

And how come the roads are a mess? Pot holes, streets needing to be repaved, and that's just here in Florida. Need I remind you it doesn't snow here and they don't salt the roads in the winter?  Every time I go home to Maryland I'm shocked, shocked I say, at the state of the freeways there. They have huge pot holes and they are in dire need of repaving and somehow that does not happen. Why is that?

Which leads me to...

How come Healthcare is so expensive? You've heard this a thousand times before but we
live in the richest country in the world but, some advice here, don't have an operation or need costly medication. It's a good way to go broke and lose everything and that's not right. In many countries you just go into the hospital and...come out fixed and ready to go and not bankrupt. It should be that way here.

And by the way you've seen ads for medications all over the tube. "Ask your doctor about..." is a phrase we've all gotten used to. Here's the thing, is it just me or have you listened to, "side effects include...?" It seems like it goes on forever. Man, some of those side effects are worse than the thing that brought you there in the first place.

I could go on but let me just stop here.

And get off my soap box.

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