Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Cousins Come For Vacation

This picture was taken eight years ago. You see my twins (that's Griffin with his eyes closed and Miles holding his arm up) and my brother Kirk's daughter, Sweet Tatum.

When Kirk worked in Tampa he said our kids should get to know each other and also said he was determined to make that happen. So he and his family would make the trek to Orlando a lot and that's how it began.

Over the years a couple of things have happened. Even though they now live in Maryland they still come here in June for a week of McEwen Time plus his family has gotten bigger.

Ladies and gentlemen meet Cauley.

He's my brother's first son and Tatum's first brother.

Cauley is now six. He's a big boy who loves Spider Man and hamburgers with nothing on them among other things. The other cousins are teenagers now who like rap and cool sneakers among other things.

It's funny, they look like they all could be in the same family.

When they get here the first thing are the hugs and the kisses and the second is the planning on what to do.

My brother and I had done some head bonking earlier and we had come up with a few ideas.

I say proudly that I've seen the movie The Incredibles 2 twice. That was one of the adventures we had planned. At the theater Cauley had his popcorn, Griffin had his, and off we went.

Cauley was great, loved the movie, and if you're playing at home, a cartoon feature about super heroes is a good way to go for him.

Can I say something as a proud Dad? Miles was cute and kinda chubby as a kid. He's become this tall handsome dude. I had to say that.

Okay back to the show.

The hot tub.

Full disclosure, the whole hot tub thing escapes me. The sitting in hot, chlorinated, bubbling water, is not my cup of tea. Ours is a gift from a friend and I've never been in it.


The cousins had a ball. They went from our pool to the hot tub and back. A good time was had by all.

When they weren't wet or on the go they hung out around the house. Dinner one night was pizza, New York style. I warned them to watch out for our, looking like she isn't paying attention but always is, dog Lola. She's sweet as can be and happy to snatch your food if she can.

I'm happy to note we had no incidents the whole time.
One of my twins, Griffin, makes videos. He has his own Youtube channel and has over 3000 fans. Guess who was enthralled by them?

If you said Cauley you would be right.

Watching them watching his videos touched my heart. Plus Griffin turned into an A plus babysitter. Who knew?

These are things they'll tell their children.

Go Kart racing, Boing (a place where kids bounce on trampolines and play bouncing dodge ball) were a couple of stops on Cauley's itinerary.

And then the beach.

Yet another thing I've been banned from.

After about an hour of the sweating and the sand and the heat I'm ready to go home.

My wife on the other hand?

Nolo problemo.

Did I mention Tatum likes the beach, too? I told my brother, "danger straight ahead with her," she's that pretty. "I know, I know," he said. He also says she looks like the new Duchess, Meghan Markle.

That she does.

Back to my wife.

She is more than happy to tan and be at the beach for hours. She elected to to take them there and I was more than happy to oblige.

So early one morning she filled up the cooler with ice and drinks and snacks. The trunk was full of beach chairs and towels and boogie boards. The gas tank was full and the cousins came down the stairs with their bathing suits on.

They also had sunblock but they came home hours later burnt anyway.

They had a great time.

Yet another adventure.

There were more fun filled activities but that's pretty much how the week went.

Stopping to get ice cream and eating it sitting at their patio picnic tables. The kids going to the mall to just walk around and see other kids.

The last day was spent hanging by the pool. And dinner was Dad's famous (or not so famous) spaghetti which they lapped up.

I drove them to the airport for the flight home.

Another Cousin Vacation in the books.

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