Friday, July 14, 2017

Hot Fun In The Summer Time

Well here it sits in the middle of summer and for all those people who don't have kids or have children who are are older, this one's not for you.

Maybe your children have their own kids which would make you grandparents. The great thing about being one is that grandkids eventually leave your house and go home. For the rest of us our children are already home.
Griffin in blue, Miles in white.

My twins are thirteen and couldn't be happier playing video games, staying up late and getting up around noon.

Ahh the life of a rock star.

In New York you always heard of camp in the summer and especially sleep over camp. Down here in Orlando it's a bit different. Miles professed an interest in basketball and since the YMCA has a program for that, we joined.

First of all it's great to work out with them. They go to the gym with me and it's bonding time as well as being good for them and for me.


Miles is taller than I am and he wanted to play hoops. So does everybody you say. But here's the thing, Miles is very determined when it comes to things he wants to do. Last Christmas he wanted a skateboard and I thought, "he's never even rode one before." I tried to talk him out of it but that didn't get very far, so we got him one.

Guess what?

Before you knew it he was great on it, no bruises, no scrapes, no broken bones. He was riding it to school when it began again in January. So you can see why when he mentioned a sport I'd never seen him play my ears perked up.
Miles in the gray shirt with his hands up

It's been a hoot watching Miles practice and a hoot watching him play games. I saw the first basket he made ever. Explaining things like what a pick and roll is has been big fun. Watching the beginning of this journey has been big fun.

That's one twin. Now the other.

Griffin is not as interested in sports but that doesn't mean he's not interesting. He shoots videos and is very much involved in Arts and Crafts.

What does that mean?

Griffin makes clay figures, paints them, and uses them in his videos on his own Youtube channel. One of his teachers told me that he's in the right place for all this, what with Disney and Universal being right here. He spends hours painting and filming and thinking about video ideas. One ritual is Dad watching his latest video with him and Dad being amazed.
Griffin painting

What's so funny is that I had nothing to do with these paths each is going down. I have to mention that they're both smart, both get good grades, and are both very nice and polite.

In a word, good boys.

Good boys on the verge of being good men.

One last thing.

My brother came for a visit a couple of weeks ago and that in itself was reason for celebrating. He brought his kids as well and that took it up a notch.


I've got to hand it to the Kirkster, when he lived in Tampa he announced then that he would come over as often as he could.  That way my kids would know his kids.

And they do.

His children, Tatum and Cauley, and my kids, Griffin and Miles, are ace buds. That's his fine work.
Going to the beach. Giggling in the house. Staying up way too late.
(left to right) Tatum, Griffin, Cauley, Miles

Building memories.

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