Friday, July 28, 2017


Ahhh... the south of France. Saint-Tropez. The Gold Coast. Cannes.
The view from my hotel window

I went there to report on the Cannes Film Festival and the place was swarming with actors, some huge, some not so much, all there to be seen and to promote their wares.

The lobby of my hotel was packed. All the time. And there were more journalists there than you could shake a stick at. Heck there were more people there than you could shake that stick at.

One of the movie stars was Bruce Willis.
He's been one for so long that many of the younger people can't remember when he wasn't.

 I can.

Remember him as David Addison in the hit TV series Moonlighting? That show won him an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

He was in Cannes for a movie called Color of Night. This was before Pulp Fiction but after Die Hard. 

Yep, a bonafide Hollywood movie star and we were talking to him.

The crew was jazzed, the women put on extra perfume. He was polite, quiet, and very nice. And cool. After the interview he shook hands with every member of our team as he left.

I also talked to Denzel Washington in Cannes as well. He was there to promote a movie he starred in, Much Ado About Nothing, written by one William Shakespeare.

There's this thing about movie stars, you've heard it before, they're not like the rest of us.

Bigger than life, more handsome in person, and just different.

Denzel was smart, witty, and just a great interview. He's garnered two, count them, two Oscars. One for Glory and one for Training Day.

He also was on television before becoming this huge movie star. That series? St. Elsewhere.

Cannes was like nothing I had seen before.

It was on the water and yachts were everywhere. Big yachts. Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived on one and took a life boat to land on the beach for the press. There were parties till the wee hours of the morning on those yachts.

So of course one of our shoots had to be on one.

Everybody on a yacht
Folks, it was like a mansion that happened to be a boat. It had huge sleeping quarters, a seemingly endless crew and a cooking staff that would make anything you might want.

Tres delicious.

I remember thinking, "So this is how the other half lives."

One last thing.

Cannes also has topless beaches.

I thought you might like to know that.

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