Friday, March 10, 2017


Things I've heard over the years...

For example.

"That's boom-bang."

I first heard my brother, Kirk, say it. What it means is something is top notch, something is first rate, something is boom-bang. And that something could be anything. The whole boom-bang thing comes from the sound of fireworks. I think the saying is cool and I think he's cool and because of that I say it like it's mine.

"Love you like a brother in law."

I just think this is funny. My compadre, Harry Smith, said this to me one day. I'd heard, "Love you like a brother," I'd never heard this before.

He had a smile on his face when he said it. I suggest the same thing if you ever say it.

"I'm knowing you a long time."

This is about as New York as it gets. It means I've known you for quite a while. I've never heard it said anywhere else, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, here in Orlando. That's the reason I preface it every time with, "As they say in New York..."

"Sweatin' like Mary Lou Retton."

My brother again. It's up there with "Hurtin' like Richard Burton." When I'm in the yard pulling up weeds in the hot sun or in the garage moving stuff, perspiring hard, I've been known to utter the Mary Lou Retton phrase. By the way in the 1984 Olympics she won a gold medal, two silvers and two bronze medals in gymnastics.

That right there is a haul.

"It's fun watching winter on TV."

This one is all mine. It comes from living in Florida and going barefoot outside in January. Every winter on the evening news you see places like Detroit, Baltimore, Minneapolis and more, up to their eyeballs in snow. And wind chill temperatures that are unbelievable.

Meanwhile a chilly high here is like 60.

"Ain't the beer cold!"

I grew up in Maryland and that is what Chuck Thompson, the voice of the Orioles and Colts, said when things were going great or something was mighty fine. I've said it for years like, "If that job pans out, ain't the beer cold!" Chuck passed away in 2005 but his memory lingers on with me.

And it's always said as a statement not as a question.

And those are few things I say.

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