Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Few Thoughts

My brother from another mother, my Bestest, has a birthday on the 23rd.

Tony Colter.

Tony and I go back, back, back. How far? I met him 6 decades ago. We were way young then and have been best buds ever since. It's been one of the best rides of my life.

Between the two of us we've celebrated more birthdays than you could shake a stick at. And if you had all the lit candles over the years in one place you could see them from outer space.

Just saying.
Tony, his daughter Karley, his wife Sweet Doreen

What makes this one extra special is that his daughter Karley, my goddaughter, gets married this week. Man, will the tears be flowing that day. Smiles and hugs and I love yous too.

Very, very, special.

She's marrying a great guy, Sam Graham, and that day is gonna be a big partay. As Parliament sang, "We're gonna turn this mother out!"

Happy Birthday Tony.

Now, going home for that wedding means that when Denise and I land we go straight to see my father.

Famous picture in our house.
My Dad with his grandson, Griffin
It'll be great to see him and his birthday is on the 30th. How about that? An early birthday present. He's going to be 88 and as the saying goes, I'm a lucky man.

Great friend, great Dad.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Last thing.

I have to mention the massive crowds, the massive Women's March yesterday.

It was overwhelming.

And not only here but around the world. Not just Boston, Los Angeles, Washington and many more places but also Paris, England, Berlin, Greece, it went on and on.

I have to admit tearing up watching it all. Tearing up.

Blown away.

And those are a few thoughts.

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