Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Break From The Election

I was a rock and roll deejay on the radio.

But if you think I only have that on my iPod you'd be wrong. There are all kinds of things.

"Jai Ho."

Start with it's from one of my favorite movies, Slumdog Millionaire. It seems obvious now, but I was blown away when I first saw it. I have to mention at first I thought they were singing, "Tally Ho!" Little did I know. The whole movie is set in India and that song comes at the end of it and is very Bollywood.

Oh yeah, it also won an Oscar.

"No One."

Alicia Keys is a big star now and is older and married but when I first interviewed her she was a kid. Don't hold me to it but I believe I did her first network interview. Remember "Fallin'?" She won five Grammys from the album that was from, Songs In A Minor, and I met her at the Grammys. That also led to this exchange, which I've never forgotten, "What did you make of this album taking off?" "I thought who'da thunk it, and you have to say thunk."

This is a great song in the McEwen household.

"What You Got."

How did I find this? Don't know. I just know when I first heard it, it was on repeat for a long while. Colby O'Donis is the singer. Who? Exactly.

Part Puerto Rican, part African American, part Italian, and part really good.

And let's not forget Akon.

"Broken Hearted Melody."

This song always reminds me of my Dad. He played it around the house when I was young. Sarah Vaughn. My house was always full of music, my father sang opera and went to college on a musical scholarship. But. We always had Nancy Wilson and Lambert, Hendricks and Ross and Oscar Peterson and Sarah Vaughn to go along with opera great Leontyne Price.

"Motown Philly."

Boys II Men. People forget how big they were. I don't. This was their entree to us and I love it. It's also something that many of their hits weren't. Fast. If radio is playing them, it ain't playing this. And that's a shame. It's got great harmonies, a great beat, and is just great.

More stuff on my iPod.

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