Friday, September 23, 2016


I know, I know, I write about my twins a lot.
Miles and Griffin today


This is the first time I'm writing about them as teenagers. Today is their Birthday and today they are 13.

It seems like a moment ago they were little and now they're like, guys. If you're not a parent that last sentence falls under the category of, "Yeah, right." If you are a parent it makes perfect sense.

We went through all kinds of things with them when they were younger....diapers, naps (boy I wish they still took them lol), teefus coming in, teefus going out with the Tooth Fairy. All kinds of things.

Man, my wife and I cried on their first day of school. It wasn't school school but crying nonetheless.

Did you know they have a graduation ceremony for pre-school?

The first graduation ceremony I had was for high school. But, there we were, the parents taking pictures and all the kids as cute as they could be.

There was a time Griffin was terrified of shots and just mentioning them got whatever was (supposed to be) ailing him to disappear real quick. Griffin's not terrified anymore, he takes them very calmly now.

I remember old friends...The Wiggles, Little Bear, Thomas the Train, Phineas and Ferb, Kipper the Dog, and of course Sponge Bob Square Pants. They still watch Kipper and Sponge Bob today.

Even though they were born in New York, they're Florida boys. They grew up here. They've never seen snow and they want to. Dad has seen enough snow for a hundred men but that's neither here nor there.

I remember their first plane ride. They were so excited. We were scheduled to leave for the airport at 6 in the morning. They were up, dressed, at 4 a.m., ready to go.

They're going to have a sleepover for their Birthday.

That will include six boys. Say that again. Last year they had one and it was chaos upstairs. I was awakened at 5 in the morning to the sounds of bedlam in their room. All the lights were on and there was shouting and a fight because, as one of the kids said, Miles was hogging the remote for the video games.

Things died down quickly and order was restored. Later on Miles told me that in that fight, "Dad, I bit him!"

I gotta say Dad was pretty proud.

So now they are no longer pre-teens but actual teenagers.

Happy Birthday Miles and Griffin.

Dad loves you very much.

Let the Games begin.
One of my favorite pictures of them

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