Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Sons

I write a lot about my twins and for that I apologize. But. They are a constant source of entertainment and joy and I figure why not.

First up, how many parents know of and deal with Pokemon Go?

Well wouldja look at all the hands.

It's a game, I mean a sensation. I have to admit I'm a bit late in acknowledging it, it's been on the evening news and written about, it seems like everywhere. But I'm speaking of it from the view point that it's in my house and my kids are on the front line.

And not just my twelve year old twins.

We were at 7-11, I was treating my boys to Slurpies and goodies to celebrate the first day of school. In the parking lot Miles, looking down at his phone, began to squeal because, "There's a rare Pokemon figure here," and he captured it. He had bigger smiles for that than the booty gotten at the 7-11.

I thought that was it.

We got home, they went upstairs and I heard a commotion. Turns out my step daughter Jenna (who is nineteen) plays Pokemon Go and knew how rare that character was so out the door they went in a flash back to the 7-11. She didn't get it but that's a normal occurrence in my house.

One other thing. I walk our dog, a lot, usually by myself. One day, as I'm leaving, all of a sudden I have two boys who volunteer, volunteer, to go with me. I think it's because they love their dad and want to spend some quality time together. Nope. Turns out the Pokemon characters were outside the house and because of that, they wanted to go along.

As the saying goes, "What Ever."


When I was younger my mother made dinner for us. She served what she made, we were glad to get it, and that was dinner. There was no discussion about what was on the plates. These days?  My wife asks our kids what they would like to eat.

It turns into the night of a thousand dinners.

Mac and cheese for one, hot dogs for another. Did you say Hamburger Helper?

Again, not in my house.

And last but not least, deodorant.

I've raised a daughter and that wasn't an issue. With boys? It's an issue.

Every morning I say the same thing, "Remember to brush your teeth and put on deodorant." We're making headway with the teeth brushing thing. Actually, Miles does well with both.

It's Griffin.

He always has to be reminded. Now you might wonder what's the big deal? Parents who have boys know what the big deal is. At first I thought it was me. It wasn't. It was my beloved stinky sons. Do I have to tell you again that we live in the always hot state of Florida?

The car smelled like someone had been shootin' hoops in it.

And while we're talking, the wearing of the same T-shirt from Friday to Sunday is yet another thing that the boys have no problem with.

Don't forget sneakers with no socks. Guess what they smell like?

I love them bunches. I always have to remind myself of that.

Said with a smile.

And so it goes.

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