Friday, June 10, 2016


My parent's anniversary is this month.

It's June 19th and for those playing at home that's also Father's Day. Although my father is 86 my mother is no longer with us. A sad part of growing older.

Let me just say, "Hi Mom." I talk to her alot. Still.

I'll get to my Dad in a second but first the importance of that day.

It starts out as just the day you get married. Lots of toasts, lots of smiles, lots of love. There is an open highway in front of you and the promise of building a family, a life, together.

One turn around the sun and you come to your first anniversary. Nice, but the more time marches on the more special those days become. Two turns into five. Five into ten. Ten into twenty. And on and on.

Marriage is funny. When it doesn't work it seems like seconds are hours, hours days, and the days seem to last forever.

But when it does...

Don't get me wrong even good marriages have bad days now and then but all in all they're pretty special.

It's fun to watch your spouse blossom.  In my case I get to watch how good a mother my wife is. Our kids can tell you.

My parents were married 35 years.

My father used to joke that he had more anniversary cards from the crumb snatchers, that would be us, than he could count. Well, if he hadn't married my Mom there would be no crumb snatchers.

Okay, Father's Day.

Although I have kids and I'm a father myself I will always be a son to my father. It's funny to see one of my children (who shall remain nameless) repeat things I've said, mimic things I do, and like things I like, just like I did with my Dad.

When you're little these celebrations don't mean a whole lot to you. As one gets older they do.

Mother's Day, Father's Day, Anniversaries, resonate more when you're the mother or you're the father. Watching your kids turn from peanuts into grown ups is oh so sweet.

So Dad, Happy Anniversary and Happy Father's Day from this crumb snatcher, this father and your son.

Who loves you very much.

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