Thursday, February 4, 2016

Just A Couple Of My Stories

Remember Boone's Farm Apple Wine?

An oldie but a goodie from back in the day.

I must have been 21 or so and I thought I would go along with the crowd and try my hand at it. All my friends were drinking it and I figured, what the hey. So, you'd think I'd stick my toe gently in the water. Oh no, I dove right in. Before I knew it I was home, drunk, with the whole room spinning.

And me, dizzy.

I learned how to throw up in the trash can next to the bed and pass out with all my clothes on, from Boone's Farm Apple Wine.

A lesson I did not need to learn.

Got another one...

When Maya was little, and we lived in Manhattan, we rode the subway up to the Bronx to see the Yankees play in old Yankee Stadium.

Just me and her.

I had spent way too much money on seats right behind the visitor's dugout. I mean they were great seats. On the way there I said to her, "We leave whenever you want to leave."

Our seats were so close to the Tampa Bay players that you could see the sweat on their foreheads as they came into the dugout. It was May and it was unusually hot. I noticed Maya hadn't eaten her Cracker Jacks, in fact she hadn't even opened the box.

I said to her, "Remember what Daddy said, we can leave whenever you want to."

We had a pool on the top of our apartment building and Maya said, "If we leave can I go swimming?"
"Sure can." She said,"Let's go." We left.

This next one falls under the category of Urban Legend because I think I heard this long ago. But I have no real proof.  Either way I've been telling this forever, so here goes...

If you watch movies nowadays and they show streets at night, did you know they've been sprayed down with water to make them look shiny? It makes for a sharper image and it's like that in every film you see.

It wasn't always so.

Go back to movies in the 70's, movies in the 60's and beyond, they're not like that.

What changed?

It was a little teevee show called Miami Vice. No socks, cool clothes, and lots of shots at night. So they wet the streets down to give them a different look, a special look.

That started a trend that's with us to this day.

And those are a just a couple of my stories.

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  1. Always love your stories. Can't believe you didn't bribe Maya to stay longer at the game. Ha!