Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Time

When we were little my Dad did something different for Christmas.

When we kids woke up early on Christmas morning, we couldn't go in to see presents and what Santa left until my father turned on his reel to reel tape recorder. Remember them? He'd hit record and then let us in. For years we'd listen back to young recorded voices, us, squeal with delight as you heard the sounds of ripping wrapping paper and the joy of discovering a new bike or boots.

That's how we rolled.

And Santa? Believed in him totally. One year I thought I heard the sound of reindeer hooves on our roof. I didn't think it odd that another Christmas Eve it snowed big time and I was instructed to shovel from the front door to the trunk of the car. I thought that was kind of weird but you do as you're told.

By the way the whole Santa thing is beginning to fall apart in my house.

Miles and Griffin are twelve and are big boys now plus you can't control what your kids hear from other kids at school. And guess what they're hearing? That mom and dad and Santa are a bit closer than they first believed.

For eleven months of the year being on the straight and narrow is tough for the twins but the month leading up to Christmas? All good all the time. No naughty, lots of nice. And Santa might be coming.

You never know.

An adult Christmas present is like this...I liked a certain wine, Duckhorn Merlot, when I lived in Manhattan. When we moved here it was hard-er to find so I gave up on it. My wife found some and gave me a couple of bottles as a gift one year. It reminded me of days passed plus it was good wine.

I misted up.

I told that story to my brother Kirk, and he said, trying to be funny, " I think if you start crying when you get wine as a gift? You might have a problem."

That's my bundle of laughs brother.

A kid Christmas present goes like this... anything that will make their eyes light up.  We've been given so many reminders from them of what will do just that. When we were young going to sleep on Christmas Eve was hard. Too excited. Same with my kids. As far as what lights up their eyes? Santa has been informed.

Which leads me to Christmas in Florida.

I have a question...

Have you seen Santa in a sleigh with reindeer on a green lawn?  It took some getting used to. And while we're at it, going swimming on Christmas day was also fun. At first. Now? It's too cold. That's what living in Florida for eleven years will do to you.

You can always tell folks from the land of the ice and snow when they come to visit. They're the ones in shorts. Freezing. We're the ones in long pants and sweaters. Warm.

As far as my kids are concerned, the leaving out of milk and cookies for Santa is going bye bye.

But, as far as they are concerned, Christmas is still very, very, special.

And it is.

Merry Christmas.

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  1. Beautiful Mark. You make me want to write my own Christmas memories. Since Christmas is not my favorite holiday, as I think you know, this is big. Maybe I'll channel some Christmas spirit in honor of you. It'll take some meditation, but I think I can do it. Happy Everything to you and (your precious) yours.