Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fallen Angels

Look closely at this.

It's a picture of my dear friends and neighbors, Pat and Lydia Hanavan, with their son, Patrick. It looks idyllic, and it is. There is more to this story, however.  Patrick, who battled depression forever, is no longer with us and I am so sorry.

We're in the age of social media and I first found out when Pat posted this yesterday on Facebook,
"We have lost a part of our heart and soul and it hurts so, so bad." That's part of what he wrote. All I remember is my jaw dropping as I read that and calling my wife in for her to read it as well.

We were devastated, because of the news, and devastated for them. No one should go through that. You will not find kinder, more decent people than Lydia and Pat, and you can tell everyone I said that.

Pat also wrote,"hug your loved ones and keep them close."

So true, so true.

I finally head outside to take my Lola for a walk. Guess who I see walking their dog?

Pat and Lydia.

It was hard hugs and crying.

When you are in a situation like that what do you say? Everything sounds trite, but my suggestion? Say them anyway. We're just kids who grew up and we're just trying to get through life. Be trite, be loving.

At least that's my take on it.

In that time of grief, Lydia said the sweetest thing, "I'm so glad we have a dog. She knows nothing about our pain. All she knows is it's time to go out. And that helps us to forget for just a while."

Little friends in fur coats, who live in the moment.

It's all we have, for sure.

Another fallen angel...
As you know I worked at CBS for years. On the early shift and I do mean early. We were a band of brothers. Sleep deprived brothers.

Let me tell you about someone I worked with, Sheldon Lewis.

Everyday as we assembled, grumbling, we were met with a good heart and a great smile. They both belonged to Sheldon. It was always nice to see that beacon of light in the dark.

Great guy, great friend. He just passed, as well.

When I was young, I used to think that there were so many people on this planet that when someone died, well, you found someone just like them, right?

As I got older I realized it doesn't work like that. Every person is an individual. And when they're gone? Let's just say I miss my mom every day.

Patrick and Sheldon.

Gone much too soon.

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  1. JESUS was very clear love thy neigjbor as you love thyself. Spread the word because the only way u can lose someone is if Jesus does not know them